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Visualization Experiments, Vol. 1

As I shared in my last post, I experimented with different ways to quantify Gandhi’s social network. Where I landed was to focus on what I defined as Gandhi’s “instances of writing.” This approach allowed me define Gandhi’s discourse community broadly and include both those individuals he is reading (e.g. book / author references in […]

Methods and Process

Over the course of the Spring semester, I experimented with the best way of building an accessible dataset for beginning to quantify Gandhi’s network. I presented on this process as part the Freedman Fellowship program at Case Western Reserve University. Below is a my powerpoint presentation:

Initial Proposal

What were the intellectual and social influences on Mohandas Gandhi’s ideas of nonviolence? How did Mohandas Gandhi’s ideas of nonviolence travel across national borders? And what are the legacies of Gandhian nonviolence within and beyond India? These questions motivate my next digital research project. Existing scholarship on Gandhian social networks is scattered across an unmanageable […]