Archive 1: Newspaper Reporting on Contemporary Student Protest

  • Context: I created this corpora archive for my first-year writing class on “Civic Agency and the University.” For more about the assignment, read the Assignment Schedule and Description (PDF). Please note that the assignment was framed in terms of the scholarship on civics (course theme). For another approach to using this archive and more context on its construction, please see Teaching / Research Guide for Archive #1 (PDF).
  • Zip File: “Newspaper Reporting on Contemporary Student Protest.” News articles categorized in the following ways for analysis 1) Chronology (2017-2019) 2) Political groupings 3) Publishers and 4) Sentiment 
  • Citation: David S. Busch, “Newspaper Report on Contemporary Student Protest,” Student Protest and Activism: A Text Corpora Archive,” [url].  

Last updated: 1/21/22.